Washington Tag Raffle
Tickets for the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife’s California Bighorn Permit Raffle are available. Go to their website: http://wdfw.wa.gov/huntcorn.htm and then scroll down to: “Special Permits and Raffles:” and click on "Online Special Permit Hunt Application". You will then be transferred to a different website and you will want to look down the left hand margin of that new site for “Purchase a Raffle Ticket”. Click on “Purchase a Raffle Ticket” and you’ll be prompted through the process.

Excerpted from the State of Washington’s 2004-2005 Big Game Hunting Pamphlet…

Raffle Permit Hunts
Raffles for special raffle permits will be offered for the 2004 hunting season.
They include:
One Bighorn Sheep Raffle Permit for one bighorn ram.
Raffle ticket prices:
Bighorn Sheep: $10.40/ticket

Proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets will be used for the management and benefit of these species.

There is no limit on the number of tickets a person may purchase. Residents and non-residents are eligible to purchase tickets. There will be no refunds for any raffle ticket purchases. The “Once in a Lifetime Harvest restriction is waived for auction and raffle hunts.

Raffle tickets may be purchased by internet (http://wdfw.wa.gov/huntcorn.htm) or telephone (360-902-2200).

Raffle tickets must be purchased by August 8, 2004.

One winner and two alternates will be drawn for each hunt.

The winner of the bighorn sheep raffle will be issued the appropriate license and tag at no cost.

The raffle will be done by computer and the winning ticket holder will be notified by August 13, 2004.

Bighorn Sheep Raffle Permit Hunt
Number of permits: 1
Bag limit: One bighorn ram.
Open area: Sheep Unit 4 (Selah Butte), Sheep Unit 5 (Umtanum), Sheep Unit 7 (Cleman Mountain), Sheep Unit 12 (Lincoln Cliffs) or Sheep Unit 13 (Quilomene).
Open season: September 1 - October 31, 2004.
Weapon: Any legal weapon.

Good Luck!
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The winner of this raffle was the current vice president of the Eastern Chapter - FNAWS, Dale Gaugler.

Dale was notified on the 12th of August and was out to hunt two weeks later. He took the ram on the first day and it is a beauty. You can read his hunt report, to the Eastern Chapter of FNAWS, for yourself at http://www.ecfnaws.org/trophyroomfive.htm

Big congratulations to Dale on winning the raffle and taking a super ram!

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