Summer '05 Magazine
Received the Summer Grand Slam & Ovis magazine(s) in the mail yesterday afternoon (Saturday the 13th). Another nice job by all you folks in the office, as well as all the member contributors.
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Looks really nice! Nice Ram Brenton!!!!!
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Brenton, I have to agree... nice trophy. Hard won, but that is what adds flavor to the stories later.

Dad (Dennis) said you were sporting around a new fangled toy the last time he saw you. Seth and I went in together and bought him one of those altimiter-clock-barometer-kitchen sink techno toys for christmas. I hope he enjoys it in tur country as much as you like yours.

On another note... you and Tammy know how I feel about your Christian influence in our fraternity of mountain hunters. I am currently writing from St. Vincents Hospital in Birmingham,AL where they will have me laid up for a few days pumping me full of IV antibiotics. It seems I have an antibiotic resistant strain of a Staph infection that has had me beat down for about 6 months now, although we didn't know what it was. Anyway, it has spread throughout my blood stream and has had me quite down physically. As you both know I also have cluster headaches and this particular cluster couldn't have come at a worse time. This in and out of the hospital stuff is for the birds. However, maybe all of these super-powered IV antibiotics every six hours will be like the roach spray and "Kill This Thing Dead". Like you ol'buddy all I want to do is feel well for a change. Tell Tammy hi for me and keep in touch.
Be Cool,

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