New Mexico Raffle
Does anyone know where the results of the NM bighorn raffle was posted? Sent money, never got any info or knew what happened.
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I believe it was a guy from the east coast. I do not recall his name or exact location but as I recall he only purchased a few tickets. Unfortunately I deleted the e-mail with this information. Sales were sluggish as approximately 1800 tickets were sold. NMFNAWS does not send out a ticket stub in order to direct more funds to conservation efforts.
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I like to get my ticket stubs back when I buy the tickets. AZ big horn sheep also does not give you stubs.

I think it is the CO big horn sheep has you send a self addressed stamped envelope with your payment. I would rather spend my own 37 cents.
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The winner of the raffle tag is Normand Berube, of Scarborough, ME.

It was posted over on http://wildsheep.org/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/9976061615/m/1181064641

Ramslam is correct in that NM FNAWS doesn't send ticket stubs and puts all of the $ on the ground. The raffle is run by one fella's personal office staff at no cost to NM FNAWS, and has been for years. They don't do big mailers, etc. All trying to put all of the net $ towards the sheep efforts there in NM. And doing great work in my opinion.

John - you're correct, the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society requires a SASE for those folks that want their ticket stubs returned. Again, it's to ensure more $ go to the sheep.
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