Marko polo hunt
Hi, Just interested in a Marco Polo sheep hunt. This would be my first Argali sheep hunt and I wanted to know who to contact and approximate price including all charges. Thanks for any help.
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Jack, Thanks for getting in touch.

My contact details:

Arjun Reddy
30 Ivy Hill Road
Brewster, NY 10509
email: arjun@huntersnetworks.com

Arjun Reddy
New York
Tel: 845 259 3628
Email: arjun@huntersnetworks.com
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Arjun, Thank you for all the help. Hope you fair well on that hurricane be safe.
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Fraud in Kyrgyzstan?
I made a wonderful trip to Kyrgyzstan in 2009; I shot two nice Ibexes, had nothing but praise for the team of locals and encountered no problem whatsoever.
Then I went back in 2012 with another company, for Marco Polo; I shot a ram on November 26, 2012 and in spite of the fact that I have paid everything, including the shipping, I still don’t know what happened to my trophy.
Here are some details:

I contacted Igor Kantsev of Extrem-Tours, also known as Hunting Club Taiga in the past, on July 2012 for what seemed a bargain Marco Polo hunt in Kyrgyzstan. Igor, aka Ibexhunter or Profyhunter, transferred my request to his Kyrgyz partner Adilet Ulukmanov of Aska-tur . The two of them choose the dates for the hunt. Adilet wanted the money sent to his personal bank account in Bishkek, not to his company account.
Another hunter would share the camp with me, looking for Marco Polo and Ibex. Upon arrival at the main camp on November 21st, 2012, this hunter was transferred to another camp, 3 hours away, for a maximum of 2 days only. From what he told me, he missed a nice ram the first day and then shot a small immature ram (he mentioned 36 inches) on November 23rd, 2012, his second and last day at that camp.
Because of problems with my baggage I arrived at the main camp on November 23rd and hunted there fruitlessly for two days on horseback. I was then sent by car to the other camp, again for a maximum of 2 days only, in spite of the fact that the contract states 14 days of which 10 hunting days, where I shot an ordinary adult ram on November 26, 2012. I immediately called my wife by sat phone and had my bank transfer 8000 US$ to Adilet, as requested, for the Marco Polo license. My bank transfer was guaranteed within 48 hours and November 27th 2012 is shown on the document as the value date (the date at which the money would be at the Kyrgyz bank). In the meanwhile the other hunter, after hunting Ibex fruitlessly a couple of days with the Lada around the main camp, gave up hunting Ibex as he could see none.
Before departing, Kyrgyz visitors arrived at the camp in two pick-ups. In a hurry our trophies were hidden and we were told NOT to tell we had shot our rams. Why? Who were these visitors?
We were back in Bishkek November 30, 2012, and when we met Adilet, he refused to let me take my trophy with me, pretending he had not yet received my money! (Later he wrote he received the money Dec. 4th, 2012, one day after my departure!). He told me he would ship my trophy in 3 weeks, before Christmas 2012 (two thousand twelve); more than ONE YEAR later, March 2014 (two thousand fourteen), I am still waiting for my trophy! In the meanwhile Adilet is writing other hunters that he usually ships the trophies in a month time!
Adilet has refused to give me a reason for the delay and Igor says he does not know; they also refuse to give me a shipping date and lately they don’t answer neither my e-mails nor my phone calls, in spite of the fact that last June 2013, I also sent 700 US$ by Western Union, as instructed by Adilet, for the shipping.
As for the other hunter who was at the camp with me, he received his (I hope it is his) Marco Polo trophy on April 18th, 2013, AND, surprise! there was also an Ibex trophy in the box which he definitively did NOT shoot! Later this hunter told me that the Ibex trophy is a gift from Adilet. Judging from the e-mails and blown positive reports (great hunt, shot a nice sheep, shot an Ibex, etc.) this hunter has sent to others as a reference, he is probably trying to pay back Adilet for the Ibex trophy he received as a gift. This hunter also told me he wrote Adilet twice in my behalf, telling him to send me my trophy; I thank him for his help but so far his efforts have been fruitless.

Since Igor Kantsev advertised his hunts in Kyrgyzstan in the Hunting Report last August 2013, I have brought my case to the attention of the editor, Mrs. Barbara Crown, and I am grateful to her for contacting Igor and Adilet about my trophy. Adilet never answered Barbara e-mails and Igor wrote her once; he did not give any information on my trophy but he wrote several false allegations against me, namely that I did not leave any tip to the staff, that I wanted to hunt from a vehicle and that it was impossible that I was moved to another camp three hours away. I can easily prove that Igor allegations are false; it is evident he is trying to discredit me and of course his lies would have nothing to do with my trophy not being shipped.
Unfortunately Barbara efforts, which I appreciate very much, have been fruitless, as you can read in the January 2014 issue of the Hunting Report. In March 2014, The Hunting Report mentioned another negative report by another hunter who hunted in Kyrgyzstan with Adilet company; a warning is given by this other hunter to steer clear of Adilet Ulukmanov.
I have also contacted Harv Hollek, another Adilet partner, responsible of putting Adilet and his father Uluk in business 13 years ago. In spite of the fact that Harv brought hunters to Adilet and Uluk as late as November 2013, Harv has been unable to tell me what is going on. I appreciate Harv collaboration and I thank him for trying to boost my hopes, but even his efforts have so far been fruitless.

As a last bit of information to you, Igor is publishing on the Web, without my permission, a picture of myself with my Marco Polo, to accompany his advertising.
One more late news: according to a well known US agent, Adilet is holding back four more Marco Polo trophies shot by his clients.
One more news: two other hunters are awaiting for their trophies or license money from adilet.

For months I have not heard neither from Adilet nor from Igor and I do not know if I will ever get my trophy, which as stated above is fully paid, including the shipping. Barbara Crown of the Hunting Report calls Adilet behavior a hold up.

Kyrgyzstan is a beautiful country and can offer a wonderful hunt, but be careful with whom you deal. I am told that Adilet deals with several agents; as for Igor, he organises hunts to other destinations beside Kyrgyzstan.

Greg, March 2014
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