Super Slam Raffle??
Is this the same as the Raffle-Rama at the convention? Or... do you guys have something new up your sleeves??
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Thanks so much, Huntinman, as you are certainly getting things started for our brand-new Super Slam forum. First, to your question.

The Grand Slam Club/Ovis Members-Only Super Slam Raffle is totally different from the annual Raffle-Rama. We will once again be having the Raffle-Rama and everyone will get more information about that in the mail and on our web site very soon. The 2010 Raffle-Rama is very exciting, as we have moved from five raffle items to eight.

GSCO has had a highly successful Members-Only Raffle for six years now. Matter of fact, we just completed our sixth annual raffle on September 1, when Timothy Uhl was drawn as the winner of all four hunts to try to complete his Grand Slam.

This new GSCO Members-Only Super Slam Raffle will be totally replacing the old Members-Only Raffles. The old format was a one-time drawing and our new raffle will be drawing two winners every month. Yes, that is correct in that a raffle participant will have a chance to win 24 amazing hunts during a calendar year! 12 of those hunts will be sheep hunts, and the other 12 will be for some of the most desirable big game in North America.

Get full details by going to www.superslam.org. This Members-Only Super Slam Raffle has to be the most exciting opportunity for big game hunters in history... by a long shot! Check it out today and sign up!
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One more thought about the GSCO Members-Only Super Slam Raffle. So many big game hunters apply for special tags in the western states each year, especially sheep tags. When you go to www.superslam.org, you will find 24 of the most desirable North American big game hunts. 12 of those will be for sheep.

When a person applies in the western states, generally speaking they have non-refundable costs associated with the application process. In many cases, they have to pay the tag cost up front and wait for a refund if not drawn.

GSCO's Super Slam Raffle will cost less than the non-refundable amounts most people pay just to be in a drawing for a tag. There is no up-front expensive tag cost either, of course. When a person's name is drawn for a Super Slam Raffle, they will win a hunt and not just a tag!

How can a serious big game hunter NOT get involved in GSCO's Super Slam Raffle? Sign up today at www.superslam.org!
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If I missed something, that is just the way things go. Where is the info as to when the hunts can be taken? And can the fee [$100 or $50] be paid for only those months with hunts that I want to try for or must I pay the "membership" fee for all 12 months?
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Carl: To sign up a person has to commit to a FULL year. Initially there is a bit of a discount if a person pays $500 for Regular membership and $1000 for Premium membership...in advance. That gives a discount of $100 and $200 respectively. This discount is only good until the drawings begin in January 2010.

Otherwise a person will be charged $50 or $100 per month for at least 12 months. There is nothing less than a year's committment.

Even if a person signs up after January 2010 they have to commit to 12 months. In other words we will be continuing the program into 2011 and beyond.

There is one other nuance for a person who signs up on the monthly credit card charge option. The answer is found in the FAQ section of the www.superslam.org website. It deals with a safety deposit. It is somewhat difficult to explain here so please read the FAQ section.

Hope this helps.
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