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Here is a suggestion for raising membership.At the convention if a person buys 3 or 4 single day passes to the convention include a membership.FNAWS used to do this for years.It costs Ovis/Grand Slam nothing and gets a person to join who otherwise might not be interested.If you want to keep it elite then do as little as possible to increase membership.I have been in and out of SCI and FNAWS on numerous occasions and mainly it was due to the eliteness of these organizations.I realize money talks and bull **** walks and unfortunately that seems to be the way all of my favorite organizations are run.I am a life member of the NRA and it is no different.I am amazed that none of the so called conservation clubs want or ask for any new ideas.All they basically waant is money.I had been a life member of the NRA for 5 years and was still getting recruited to join.At least Ovis,FNAWS and SCI do not outwardly recruit except maybe SCI.I just have this thing for the wild sheep and the adventure of where they live.And just for all who wonder I have never had the luxury of being able to hunt sheep but I have been able to get my Grand Slam plus more with a camera.Not by choice but by limited finances.I was lucky enough to get to accompany a hunter on a couple of hunts and the others I scouted,stalked and snapped on my own.Someday I may get to put one on my wall but for now I just enjoy being a part of the sport.Comments welcome both for and against.Lets discuss it.
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I agree that it helps to sometimes front the cost of a few new members to stimulate growth in membership. Might I also suggest a membership drive but with a twist. Maybe a good set of optics or mountain rifle for first prize. And second and third prizes as well. Everyone who signs up a new member or gives a membership to someone who has not been a member for at least a year or two gets one 'ticket' in the drawing for each new memebrship. When the prize goes to the person who signs up the most people, interest is almost always gone among those who might be willing to sign up one or two or give a few gift memberships. 50 people signing up one or two new memebrs each is better for the organization than one person signing up 20 and everyone else signing up 10 to 20 total.

Maybe two tickets for every new member under 18. Got to do things to get young people interested in the organization.
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Great idea.Hope spmeone in admin looks at our ideas.
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