Convention Update
Please give us all an update of the happenings at the convention.
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I for one felt the convention was a huge success. Everything from the meals, auctions, spouses' events and seminars were way above any other national convention I have been to thus far(I also attended Nat'l SCI and Nat'l FNAWS). Of importance was the way the GSC/OVIS Board handled the situation between GSC/OVIS and FNAWS/ISHA. I felt that they were very professional and unlike the FNAWS/ISHA group(which I am also a Life member of and also on the Board of a local chapter), there were no name callings and everything was based upon fact and was clearly backed up. They did not take any time away from the exhibitors by having a long drawn out session during the convention. Rather they spent nearly two hours after the convention to meet with whoever wanted to discuss the litigation and overlapping conventions between GSC/OVIS and FNAWS/ISHA. I sincerely believe that GSC/OVIS has every right to defend their position regarding the litigation and it became evident that FNAWS/ISHA clearly and possibly intentionally booked their convention dates on top of GSC/OVIS. It is very apparent to me that there exists a grave communication problem within the FNAWS leadership.
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More food for thought.
I concur with Iowaramhunter's assessment of the convention in Tunica. Great meals and great people. Compared to the convention and banquet costs at FNAWS/SLC, Tunica was a steal. It also seemed that many exhibitors had a very good week. Tne only disappointing item was a rumor that one exhibitor was passing around a petition to not donate until things are settled. If so, such tactics could be counterproductive and supportive of the side fighting on emotion rather than facts. If anyone wants to 'discuss' this, or any other, issue in more detail, I can be reached at OREGONCARL@AOL.COM.
As for the ongoing dispute, the thing that really worries me is that National FNAWS seems to have abandoned their core values and programs. Someone is pushing National FNAWS into an international role to the exclusion of North American sheep. If you got the most recent FNAWS letter, copare the ISHA logo to the FNAWS logo. Why is the ISHA logo almost twice the size? The newest FNAWS letter is also signed by no one and included no documents to support anything.
Why is FNAWS being pushed into a back seat? Ten years ago the gals in Cody could put on a bang-up convention by themselves. Now that they have two highly paid males on staff, it seems that they can't do anything by themselves. There has been no improvement in Wild Sheep magazine. Was there a youth essay contest this year? Apparently FNAWS memebrship must be dropping; I vaguely recall a budget item to do a membership survey. In Salt Lake City, the pecking order seemed to be (1) the hunting show referenced in the most recent FNAWS letter, then (2) the Utah-based Sportmen for Habitat (?) and the Utah raffle, then (3) ISHA-FNAWS and then (4) MDF. Someone told me that the Utah arrangement is a 5-year deal. A real good deal for Utah but what about the other states? Will MDF be happy being low dog on the totem pole for 5 years? How many sheep hunters, outside of Utah, want to go to SLC for 5 years? It is the Utah raffle favoring Utah residents that will continue to be the big draw to get Utah residents to the show, not North American sheep hunters from outside Utah.
To me it seems that the dispute is being driven by someone's desire to supplant GSCO in international sheep and goat hunting. Why else the 'starring' role of ISHA?
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The convention was really a very successful one, right from the food, to seminars, spouses events and auctions simply went perfect. However, I too noticed some big communication issues within the FNAWS leadership.
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You're responding to a 5 year old post...

Which convention are you referring to with your comments? (What year?)
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