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Hey all Im sure you get this a ton but I have been inspired. I am 25 years old and I didnt grow up hunting. I met a girl (my wife) and her family hunted white tail in northern MN and thats where I learned to love the outdoors. I am now stationed in AK. I realize alot of the species on the super slam are in AK so let me start by saying if any of you need a place to stay please contact me! I have decided that I am going to start chipping away at my Super Slam. I'm going to be up here for another 6 years or so, so I figure I need to hit it hard to get the alaskan species checked off my list. As for everything else....... If you have any lititure or advice on starting the slam I would love to get your opinions. I'm going to start with my rifle but I would also like to do it with a bow one day.
Thanks for your time guys,

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Hi Brandon,
I hope you have a lot of good luck during your tour in AK.
I was stationed there as well, and spent 8 years hunting the Great Land.
My biggest piece of advice to you would be to try and concentrate on one species
at a time, and put all your effort into hunting it until completed.
It can be discouraging to hunt AK by using the road system, especially if you stay
close to the populated areas.
If you have the means contact a air transport service, take leave, and use enough time to
have a fun, safe hunt. Talk to the local taxidermists in the area they will most always
be glad to answer questions and help you find the most safe, honest carriers,
as well as helping with trophy hints on field care and preparation.
Also go to Barney's Sports Chalet in Anchorage,if you are at the post there.
Try and find like-minded hunting partners to plan and share your hunts, be very selective
on this one.
Most importantly, don't forget your better half and include her in your adventures,
if not in the field, then with support before and after your hunts.
The GSC has always helped me out as well,just remember with all your questions and comments
use the upmost respect and before you know it you might be answering hunting questions for other new hunters.
Good Hunting
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