Mule Deer
Anyone have any suggestions for a late minute trophy mule deer hunt in Alberta or northern Montana?

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You could try Mark Parsons. 403-818-4075 or 403-646-5714
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WARNING: SE Alberta mule deer hunting Just thought I'd pass along something of interest, if you value your well-being, if you ever hunt mule deer under conditions similar to my just completed SE Alberta hunt. If anyone wants names, dates, etc. please e-mail me at OREGONCARL@AOL.COM.
FIRST: Outfitter made clear representations and then did not deliver anything close to how and where he said hunt would be conducted. Stated that would hunt previously located, resident bucks and then sent me off to ride pickup and Polaris Ranger all day trying to jump bucks and get off hurried shots in an area where bucks are transitory at this time of year. Another of outfitter's guides took his hunter to the part of the ranch where they had located several basically resident bucks and got his buck. My land-owner guide told me that outfitter takes unsuccessful clients to hunt located, resident bucks on the last day. That did not happen for me. My last day hunting was to be just like all other days. Before booking I told outfitter that I wanted to HUNT mule deer, not just shoot a mule deer.
SECOND: I strongly recommend that you do not hunt with any outfitter who puts you up at a local motel and feeds you in the nearest bar. The outfitter and guides inevitably join in dinner and drinks into the wee hours every night. Do you want to ride long distances in the early morning darkness with an intoxicated person doing the driving? Drinking and driving may be the norm to some Canadian outfitters but not to Canadian border officials if you have a DUI in your past.
If an outfitter does not put you up at his farm or home, where drinking by the outfitter and guides will likely not be allowed, you are recklessly placing your safety and life in the hands of someone else. There is a time to celebrate ... it is not all week long, every night.
THIRD: Do you sign the omnibus waiver when you hunt with a Canadian outfitter? Does it waive any and all conduct of the outfitter and the guides? If an outfitter creates the conditions that encourage drinking by the guides should not the outfitter be held liable if a guide has an accident and a client is injured or killed? Something to think about.
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