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2010 Washington Draw & Raffles
Just received the below from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife via e-mail...

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091

Dear Washington Hunter,

This email is being sent to you to inform you about changes being made to the WDFW special hunt permit drawings for 2010. We will contact you again in the coming weeks as the details about permit submittals are finalized.

In recent years, some hunters have expressed dissatisfaction with the selection process used to issue special-hunt permits, which give successful applicants hunting options beyond those authorized by a general hunting license.

Many of those frustrations stem from the fact that all special-hunt permits are randomly drawn from the same pool of applications, meaning applicants often face a choice between applying for popular hunts or settling for less-popular hunts with better odds of being drawn.

What's Changing:
Under the plan before the Fish and Wildlife Commission since 2009, WDFW would create separate applications for several different categories of big game permits, ranging from buck or bull hunts to senior permits. This means you would be able to apply in as many categories as you qualify for, per species.

This plan was developed with broad public input and support from the WDFW's Game Management Advisory Committee.

Under the new plan, "points" accrued by hunters toward special permits in previous years would be applied to each of the new permit categories created under the new plan. Additional revenue generated would be used to expand hunter access to private lands.

What's Next:
The commission is scheduled to take action on the proposal April 9-10.

Special-hunt permit applications will go on sale starting April 26 and the submittal deadline is by midnight on May 26.

Please plan accordingly and allow enough time to familiarize yourself with this year's new hunt choices and the 2010 Big Game Hunting Seasons and Regulations pamphlet so that you can submit your hunt choices prior to the May 26 deadline.

The hunting pamphlet will be posted online by April 20 and be available at all license dealerships no later than April 23.

Learn more about the proposed changes here .

-Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

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As a former resident of Washington State I have observed that revenue stream is more important than hunter success or opportunities. This is a prime example of that. Just divvy up the available permits into different categories and sell more applications to all of us anxious hunters. More fees to the state for the same number of tags in a state that does not manage for quality anyway. (with the exception of sheep). Just as with the feds raising taxes at every turn, the states are raising fees on hunters at every turn...
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I am a native-born Washingtonian .... if that be how I am 'titled'. My office is in Vancouver, Washington; I live in Portland.

I sympathize with the rising costs issue but am much more bothered by states charging nonresidents 10 to 20 times the resident fee without a reasonably equal chance at limited tags. Take a look at states with sheep hunting limited to residents. The nonresident doesn't even get a 1:1000 chance at getting drawn. But you can bet that most such sheep populations were built from transplants from other states.

The newest gimmick is what states seem to be looking for. Hunters may get very little with the changes but Washington now has a new gimmick to draw in more applicants.. And maybe even more $$$$. By the way, I'm an attorney and I need an accountant, an attorney and a gaming expert to inform and advise me about the game laws, application procedures, etc., etc. in most states. It has become ridiculously complicated.

Bottom line is what it has always been. Look at the total cost of going hunting. Segregate out the cost of the tag and then take a hard look at the other costs of hunting: rifle, ammunition, clothing, optics, camera/video, motor vehicle(s), gas/oil/fuels, etc., etc., etc. Even at today's costs for the tags, the tags are often but a minor percent of the expense .... except for nonresident tags. Some 15-20 years ago my Washington cousin was complaining about a $5 hunting license increase while driving a brand new $30,000 diesel 4 WD pickup truck that he also used to haul his 24 foot trailer to Arizona and back for vacation. He could never see [nor acknowledge] the forest for the trees.

As the World gets more crowded, the cost of managing resources increases exponentially. Just try to be involved so as to 'encourage' the wildlife agencies to spend wisely. If you want grandchildren and want to continue hunting and fishing, the costs of both are going up for sure.

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Washington’s 2010 Big Game Hunting Seasons & Regulations (Effective April 1, 2010 - March 31, 2011) are now available to view, download and/or print at:


"The 2010 Hunting Seasons and Regulations are now available online and will be at all dealerships by April 23. Major changes have been made to the special permit process. You can now purchase and submit more than one application per species. You can begin buying and submitting applications on April 26. The deadline for submitting an application is midnight on May 26."
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After having gone through the raffle(s) information in the booklet, to ensure correctness in the postings related to them on this forum, I have but two words of caution: PAY ATTENTION.

You will find THREE California Bighorn tags available via raffle plus the one Rocky Mountain Bighorn tag where the raffle is again being handled by Washington FNAWS.
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