Happy New Year!
I just wanted to wish everyone here a very Happy New Year!

All the best in 2010 and good luck to everyone in the raffles and drawings this year!
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Happy New Year Ramdreamer! Thanks for all you do to keep us informed!! It sure is great to know all I have to do is click on your post to find the available sheep tags/raffles etc... Now...if obtaining one was so easy!
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As you head out to the conventions in the days ahead, remember to get the latest feedback from your colleagues before you put your $$$$ on the line. At times the hype and the on-the-ground hunt aren't always the same. Anyone wanting the latest on Bezoar ibex in Turkey, my experience is from March 2009. You don't want a hunt like I got. OREGONCARL@AOL.COM
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I hunted there in Nov. '09. Lots of walking, but did manager to bring a 47" home and a boar.
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