Congrats, Sara!
Just saw the news of Sara Brandenburg's grand slam and thought I would post a note of congratulations here, since I have no other means of contacting her personally. Bill and I met Sara and her Dad after the Grand Slam award ceremony at this past convention, when they came over and introduced themselves. Sara graciously congratulated me on becoming a Lady Grand Slammer, and told me of her ambition to obtain a Grand Slam. She is, indeed, a most remarkable young woman, and I am happy to be able to return the favor now of congratulating HER on becoming a Lady Grand Slammer! Oh, to be 16 again AND to have a Grand Slam!! Happy Birthday, Sara...WAY TO GO!
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Absolutely! When I read about this young woman's accomplishments I was very impressed. The memories of the hours she spent on the hunt and the discipline necessary to achieve such a difficult goal will remain with Sara for the rest of her life. I am sure this is just the beginning of a lifetime of success in everything she does.
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