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Policy and censorship on Forum
A recent posting discussed problems with an auction hunt and unrequited(?) promises to resolve the matter. Unless I am brain dead, which some contend, and can't see my nose to spite my face, that posting seems to have disappeared from the Forum. GSC/Ovis is supposed to be a membership, non-profit organization. Information on the Forum should not be censored unless it is so inflammatory as to raise the possibility that GSC/Ovis might be sued for defamation, etc.
To me the particular comment raised no such concern given statements made to me by Mr. Campbell in the past. Let me explain my position by first stating that I don't like getting communications from people that start "Dear Carl" and then end with the person signing their full name; i.e. Dennis Campbell. When I broached this matter to Mr. Campbell he stated that he signs that way since he feels that his full signature is so intrinsically intertwined with what he is doing that he feels that his name is somewhat "copyrighted". Taht might not be his exact word but it is the gist of what he was stating. Is he stating that Dennis Campbell = GSC/Ovis? If that is the what he is trying to tell us, then Mr. Campbell must do more than just shrug his shoulders when hunts sold via GSC/Ovis, conventions, on-line auctions, or otherwise, go awry. And if Mr. Campbell is merely an officer of GSC/Ovis, he should still be doing his utmost to resolve these issues and to so advise the membership. After all, if Mr. Campbell is an employee of GSC/Ovis, his duties and responsibilities to the membership include doing his utmost to resolve these issues and make sure that such outfitters are not permitted to exhibit at future conventions.
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It is a sad thing to have to reply to Carl's ridiculous post, but I will. I will take it one paragraph at a time.

First of all, the problem with the internet auction hunt was handled exactly the way it should have been, which was in direct conversation with those involved. The post was lifted because it had, in fact, been resolved and served no purpose to remain on the forum for people to speculate about and find fault. If you write back some derogatory crap, we will remove this entire post as well. Having negative, ridiculous non-productive dialogue is not what our forum is all about.

The second paragraph is one of the most petty things I have ever heard. I will continue to say "Dear Carl" and sign my name however I want to. You have misstated what I told you. I have no intention of trying to explain it to you any further. Besides, what difference does it make how someone chooses to sign his name? Where did you get the outlandish statement about me saying my signature was somewhat "copyrighted"? Dear Lord, Carl, what have you been drinking or smoking? I am the executive director of GSCO and one of five members of the board of directors. I am not an employee. All issues are resolved, so try to get some sleep tonight.
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This is the second post made by the Executive Director that is personally insulting and demeaning toward me. While the Executive Director seems more than willing to take license with his use of the Forum, I doubt that there is anything in the Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws that authorize such 'special' privileges.

As for my comment about shrugging one's shoulders when it comes to problems with outfitters, etc., that comment references more than just the Columbia blacktail hunt. The Executive Director may want to take the time to recall our communications regarding a Bezoar ibex hunt that I booked at the 2009 GSC/Ovis convention, that was anything but what was sold to me, and the Executive Director's "benign indifference" to that matter.

As for the way he signs his name, I challenge the Executive Director to address us on an equal footing, person to person.
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If i were the mods on this board id boot your arse right off here, your more of a downer on here when i sign in than anything else.
Quit whining about everything and go hunting already, seems to me everything your involved in is a blowout or you have something to whine about.
Your one of them guys that are in camp that everyone stays away from. whining and bitching all the time. everythign is negative and not fun.
i for one dont care about all your big words and heavy sentences, so take a hike.
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I beleive it would be foolish if Dennis wound not review any and all material on this forum. I have seen people post all kinds of crazy stuff on the net and believe it is his responsibility to monitor this.
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