Gobi Ibex
Has any one heard that Gobi Ibex is closed until 2013? I just received an email from ProfiHunt. "Be advised that: three weeks ago we got the information from our Mongolian partners that Gobi Ibex hunt is closed till 2013, and the Mongolians can book the hunters for South Gobi only for 2013. They will still make Gobi Ibex hunts in 2010 in Bayanhogor Province for the Gobi clients already booked for 2010 (Bayanhogor Province is the only province opened for the hunt now). But to keep their trophy standards Mongolian partners do not plan to offer Gobi Ibex hunts for next years in Bayanhogor Province.
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I read the same thing, but from a different source (which I don't recall at the moment).

I have to wonder if the terrible winter over there has resulted in damage to the wildlife. The domestic herds have been decimated from what I understand.
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I hope it is not closed. I have a deposit down for a Gobi Argali and Gobi Ibex hunt in 2012. It would be tough to go and not take both animals. Any change in status on the Gobi Argali?
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